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Autumn 2004

Newsletter of the Naturopathic Practice of Dr. Arlan Cage, N.D.


Full licensure of Naturopathic Doctors is nearing completion. A director has been hired for the new, Naturopathic Licensing Bureau, appointments to the regulatory board are in process, and applications should be available for doctors virtually any day now. Doctors who hold valid licenses in other states will be able to receive California licenses through reciprocity, thereby speeding the process for these doctors. Dr. Cage is currently licensed in Arizona, so additional treatments and services covered by California's new license should be available soon.


The South Bay Total Health offices are looking a little different these days. A second treatment room has been added to provide additional services to our patients.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy is an "old-time" Naturopathic therapy involving alternating hot & cold packs. The patient is securely wrapped in sheets and blankets in a darkened room, while gentle electrical stimulation is applied to the liver and kidneys. This treatment gently stimulates the body's Vital Force, raising energy reserves and enhanc-ing the parasympathetic nervous system which is repsonsible for rest, immune enhancement and healing.

In addition to Constitutional Hydrotherapy, Nutritional IVs will also be administered in the new treatment space, pending completion of the Naturopathic Licensure process (see above).

Intravenous administration of nutritional substances like vitamins and minerals can be give aquick boost to the body's immune system and are highly effective at the start of an acute illness. Be sure to ask for a tour of the expanded facilities during your next office visit, and remember these therapies when you start to "come down with something".

a.k.a Holiday Retoxification Season
a.k.a. Excess Sugar / Immune Suppression Season

In our distant past, the winter season could be challenging. Cold winter weather coupled with a lack of central heating, lack of modern nutrition and health care, or the ability to preserve food for long term winter storage all contributed to higher levels of disease during the winter, mainly colds and flu.

Here in the 21st century, those seasonal environmental problems no longer exist for most people. Many of us even live in mild climates like Southern California where temperatures never fall below freezing, so why is "cold and flu season" still with us?

As you may guess if you've read any of my previous newsletters or heard me speak, the answer revolves around modern "civilization" itself. A variety of diet and lifestyle factors unique to late autumn and early winter combine to suppress the immune system of the average American. This is combined with factors which increase our exposure to any disease causing micro-organisms which might be making the rounds, and the result is an increase in the numbers of cases of colds and flu.

Colds and flu are potentially serious, responsible for tens of thousands of deaths annually. Those most susceptible are the very young, children whose immune systems are not yet fully functional, and the elderly, who tend to be weaker in general as well as having their immune systems supressed by a variety of prescription drugs.

While flu shots are supposed to provide protection from the flu, there are a number of problems with how they are manufactured which limit their effectiveness. The flu shots themselves have sometimes dangerous side effects, and those most susceptible to the flu are also most suscepible to these side effects, which can include death. So those who are weak with diminshed immune systems probably should not have flu shots for safety reasons, and those who are strong with vibrant immune systems don't need them!

Naturopathic principles are a far better answer because they focus on building a person's strength, vitality and immunity naturally without harmful side effects. A combination of nutritional changes, immune enhancing herbs, anti-microbial herbs and homeopathic remedies can be used to stimulate the bodies natural ability to fight infections without the harmful side effects of prescription drugs like anti-biotics, anti-virals or steroids.

Colds and Flu are the topic of September's Naturopathic Lecture Series at the Torrance Whole Foods Market (see next page). Everything discussed in this brief article will be expanded on at the lecture.

In the meantime, remeber that if you or any family member comes down with a cold or flu, there are many natural products available to help you through without resorting to suppressive prescription drugs. If you're not feeling well, think Naturopathic First!


After a short summer layoff, Dr. Cage resumes his Lecture Series with a timely presentation on Cold & Flu Season. See the feature article elsewhere in this newsletter for a brief preview. In October, the series continues with a look at how to handle stress, always an important issue with the approaching holidays.

Both lectures will be held in the Community Room at Whole Foods Market, on the northeast corner of Crenshaw and PCH in Torrance. Seating is limited and reservations are suggested. Please call Whole Foods at (310) 257-8700 to reserve a spot.


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