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Naturopathic Health Programs: What Natuorpathic Medicine can do for you

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 Acute and Chronic Disease

Naturopathic Medicine is excellent for a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Problems with a specific ailment or illness, especially one that hasn't been helped by other methods, is the most frequent reason people first come to Naturopathic Doctors. Please call to discuss the details of your unique case with Dr. Cage to determine if Naturopathic care is suitable for you.

 Immune Enhancement Programs

Immune system supression or malfunction is a hallmark of many acute and chronic diseases. For example, while conventional medicine has been emphasizing the "anti" approach to infectious disease -- anti-biotics, anti-virals, anti-fungals, and so on -- Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes the other half of the immunity equation: our body's natural ability to fight these pathogens. A variety of natural compounds can be used to stimulate both the non-specific immune system as well as our white blood cells and their ability to produce anti-bodies.

This approach is the key concept in preventing colds and flu, for example. Rather than having to "guess" 1-2 years ago which strains of virus to put in this year's flu vaccine, Naturopathic Doctors simply concentrate on enhancing our body's ability to fight ALL viruses.

 Detoxification Programs

An unfortunate side effect of our modern, industrial society has been the proliferation of chemicals and pollutants which now permeate our air, food and water supply. Virtually all of these are toxic and contribute to the malfunction of various organs and a variety of diseases, both acute and chronic.

Naturopathic medicine, better than any other health care system today, is able to selectively enhance our body's ability to eliminate these toxins through careful regulation of the biochemical pathways in our liver, as well as stimulating and supporting our organs of elimination. Sometimes, a detoxification program is all that is needed to re-establish the healthy state, though more frequently, "Detox" is combined with other programs and therapies to enhance their effectiveness.

 Quality Nutrition Programs and Weight Loss Programs

The Naturopathic philosophy of food and eating emphasizes the QUALITY of the food you eat, not the QUANTITY. It possible to eat healthy food that tastes good, never feel deprived, and still lose weight. In fact, trying to lose weight with any other method may be unhealthy in the long term! Naturopathic doctors emphasize high quality ingredients -- healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates -- rather than the "industrial grade", low quality forms of ingredients found in most processed foods.

Naturopathic nutrition plans also include high levels of essential nutrients -- items such as vitamins, minerals, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and Essential Amino Acids (protein building blocks). Essential nutrients are things our bodies MUST HAVE in order live, but are incapable of making from simpler raw materials which means we must get them in the food we eat. Deficiencies of essential nutrients are associated with many chronic diseases, and their inclusion in nutritional programs is "essential" for the treatment or prevention of these conditions.

Naturopathic nutrition is at the core of Naturopathic health programs and the Naturopathic lifestyle. Since stress is often linked with obesity, nutrition and stress reduction are often combined to provide the best benefits possible.

Programs for Health Optimization, Wellness and Prevention

Naturopathic medicine has prevention as one of the six core components of its philosophy. The ability to maintain health, optimum performance and a maximum effective lifespan requires a balanced, holistic approach toward all aspects of life: the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Dr. Cage can teach you how to integrate all aspects of nutrition, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, exercise and mind-body techniques in a program customized specifically to you and your lifestyle.

People with a specific family history of conditions, such as heart disease or cancer, may need to be extra-vigilent in their health programs. While genetics may indicate a susceptibility for disease, they seldom guarantee you will actually ever have a given condition. Healthy Naturopathic living can specifically prevent chronic diseases from developing, despite your genetic susceptibilities

Further, people working in certain industries or occupations with higher than normal levels of toxic exposure (printering, carpet/linoleum installation, dry cleaning, or the petrochemical industry, for example) definitely have specific needs which should be addressed for maintaining optimal health.

Naturopathic prevention programs will be customized to your specific needs, and utilize a combination of the latest scientific research coupled with the best natural remedies to help reduce your risk, maintain optimal health and promote longevity.

 Stress Reduction Programs

Stress is the name we give to our body's reactions to various events and external stimuli that transpire around us. Our nervous and hormonal systems undergo very predictable reactions, which in turn cause very predictable effects on our bodies. Understanding the way we respond is the first step in controlling stress, rather than letting it control us.

The Sympathetic Nervous System, our body's Fight or Flight mechanism, is a marvelous tool for helping us escape a charging sabre-toothed tiger or jump out of the way of a speeding taxicab. In the short term it is absolutely vital for our health.

When stressful situations start to occur all day, every day, our body spends too much time in the fight or flight mode and not enough in the Parasympathetic mode, the opposite portion of our autonomic nervous system responsible for rest, healing and absorption of nutrients.

Long term stress, however, results in the shutdown of the gastrointestinal tract, immune system and other body functions considered to be "non-essential" from the standpoint of surviving the attack by that sabre-toothed tiger. Our body eventually interprets this long-term stress as famine, and responds by lowering our metabolic rate and storing every possible calorie as fat, contributing greatly to the epidemic obesity problem we face in America today.

High levels of stress along with the corresponding physiological reactions like immune system suppression are indirectly a contributing cause of most of todays acute illnesses as well as chronic disease. Naturopathic Stress Reduction utilizes a variety of natural remedies and mind-body techniques to intervene in this process and restore your nervous system to its proper balance.

Additional Naturopathic Services

 Programs for Pre-Surgical Preparation & Post-Surgical Recovery. Naturopathic doctors are specifically trained in the use of homeopathics, supplements and herbs to prepare for surgery. These programs can reduce surgical trauma, reduce bleeding and side effects during surgery, and speed healing and recovery afterwards.

 Herb/Supplement/Prescription-Drug Compatibility. Dr. Cage can audit your current supplement and herbal regimen to ensure compatiblity with your prescription medications.

 Integrated Health Program Development. If you are working with conventional Medical Doctors or other health care practitioners and would like to coordinate your conventional treatment with Natural or Alternative products or procedures, Dr. Cage can collaborate with you and your other health care providers to develop an integrated approach that is both safe and effective.

 Shop with a Doc. New to Naturopathic or Alternative Medicine? Somewhat experienced but having difficulties breaking out of your habitual, dietary "ruts" and converting over to cooking and eating healthy? Don't be surprised, but you're not alone! Lots of people are in this same situation. Dr. Cage will meet you, or a small group up to 6 people, at a local health food supermarket, and help you shop for a typical one-week menu. For an additional fee, he will even come to your kitchen first, and throw out any food items in your pantry which don't meet the Naturopathic "High Quality Nutrition" test. Be Warned! Dr. Cage will be very thorough.

 Childhood Wellness Programs. A healthy world starts with healthy, Naturopathic children. Healthy Naturopathic children, in turn, start before they are conceived with pre-natal programs and fertility programs for would-be mothers. Childhood nutrition and immune enhancement programs, vaccination education and alternatives, and natural treatment for childhood illnesses are all available for you and your child.

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